Client Spider



ClientSpider and the GDPR laws

The GDPR laws (inheritance of the IT law and freedom) considers that the consent between professional is not a prerequisite for your solicitations by email, under cover of a potential interest of the recipient in your offers of products or services.

For example, a marketing agency has the right to launch an emailing operation without prior consent to all artisans and traders in its catchment area: the latter are potentially interested in setting up a communication strategy involving marketing.

Tracking tool
Attention, we also offer a tracking tool here that technically track the users via their IPs. But the law RGPD requires us to inform users if we track them via their cookies. We do not track them via their cookies but via their IPs. The principle is the same and the final objectif also. So even if from a purely legal point of view on 01 January 2019 we are not subject to this law, we strongly recommend that you inform your users.